Here is a list of resources to help you out with financial aid for utilities in Los Angeles, unemployment issues, food banks/pantries, free tax preparation, volunteer opportunities and suicide prevention.  I have also included suggested readings and movies.

Introduction to Unemployment Insurance

Unemployed Friends/USA

Unemployed Friends/California

California Unemployment Office

Suicide Prevention

Tax Preparation

Food Banks & Pantries/USA

More Food Banks & Pantries/USA

Food Banks/California

Food Pantry/Los Angeles

Referrals (via United Way & AIRS) for food, housing, employment, health care and counseling

More Referrals (via Unemployment Lifeline)

Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power Low Income Application

Southern California Gas Company Low Income Assistance
                                                                                                           Volunteer in Your Community
                                                                                                            Unemployment and Other Statistics, Courtesy of Portal Seven
                                                                                                           SUGGESTED READINGS & VIDEOS
Over 50 and Out of Work

                                                                                                                            “Out of Work? Out of Luck.”

Missing Workers:  4.9 Million Out of Work and Forgotten. by Lila Shapiro/Huffington Post

“The Rise of the New Global Chrystia Freeland

The Economic Case for Unemployment Insurance.”

Learned Helplessness: a Theory for the Age of Personal Control. by Christopher Peterson, Steven F. Maier, Martín E. P. Seligman         A bit clinical, this book explains the effects on the psyche of repeatedly being told No.” As in sending out hundreds of resumes and not receiving a single response.  Click the link for an excerpt:


Matewan” 1987

Harlan County, USA 1976

Norma Rae” 1979

The Grapes of Wrath 1940

Bread and Roses 2000

Salt of the Earth 1954


Occupy Wall Street  

Occupy LA


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