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After supporting myself for thirty years as a nurse, getting groceries at a food bank was the last place I imagined finding myself.

“A Tale of the New Depression and a Once Lucky Man” is my memoir, a portrait of the new world many of us live and die in.  It is my wail into the smirking face of a health care system decimated by greed, my screams as the tanked economy wraps its arms around me. I stand alone in this world, smiling and thinking myself lucky as I take any job I am offered, at salaries I made decades ago, ending up at age fifty-six working two jobs and unable to cover my expenses.  You do not want to go where I have been.  And, in a sucker punch to my ego, neither did the five literary agents who were interested in representing my memoir.  They “loved” my work, still all turned me down, their reasoning being my beloved words were “too depressing,”  “too real,” “too dark” and their overall consensus, “it doesn’t have a happy ending.”

Lucky Man, my tale is that good.


After a brief introduction, set in 2009, my tale begins in 2007 and continues through to today, as I encounter the twinkling eyes of employers whose smiling lips spit out the soul crushing We dont hire people who are unemployed.”  You gotta love that Christian spirit, that can-do American exceptionalism.

As my posts are lengthy and I am finishing my novel, I will be posting a new chapter to this site every two to three weeks. Please take a look at my “Snapshots, they are a nice compliment to my memoir.

If you are new to my blog, you can dive in on the Home Page or go to The Full Tale Page, where the chapters are posted in sequence.

I welcome and encourage your comments, they are needed to keep me on track.

Check out the Resources page for tips on surviving the New Depression.

Love and bruises, Jake


“A Tale Of The New Depression And A Once Lucky Man.” © Jake Epstine, 2012 I Was Saved By The Ladies Of The Night.” © Jake Epstine, 2008 All other posts © Jake Epstine, 2011


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  1. Jake,

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I often wonder how people find me. I’m new to your site and must say that it looks interesting. Please give me some time while I bore into it.


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